FC Inter Milan Using MySQL 5.1 Partitioning and Event Scheduler


At F.C. Internazionale Milano Spa we’ve used MySQL for eight years, starting from 3.23 and up to 5.0. Recently, we have started using satisfactorily the partitioning and event scheduler features of MySQL 5.1. The tasks that most benefit from the new features are:

  • real time logging of page impression requests of all our websites (http://www.inter.it is the main site)
  • real time statistics such as: page impressions per site, page impressions per language, page impressions per country (using GEOIP), unique usertrack sessions and others;
  • scheduled and on demand stats with more detailed information such as: single page impressions, user session durations, most visited pages, most visited paths on other stuffs we are developing.

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Chinese Companies Continue Soccer Expansion With Purchase Of Italian Team Inter Milan

4On Monday, Chinese company Suning purchased a majority stake in the iconic Italian soccer team Inter Milan. The investment in this century-old club demonstrates the growing interest in soccer by Chinese investors. Zhang Jindong, founder and owner of Suning, is worth an estimated $12.7 billion, one of the wealthiest people in the world.  This deal, estimated to be worth over $306 million, makes Zhang the primary owner of Inter Milan.

Suning’s purchase is just one example of the recent expansion of Chinese investment in soccer. Chinese investors also now own Aston Villa, with the purchase price of $87 million, a 20% portion of Atletico Madrid, and a 13% share of Manchester City. There is a rumored interest inAC Milan, which has won seven European Cups and is valued at an estimated $854 million by investors.

“Chinese companies are actively looking for new areas to invest,” renowned Chinese soccer commentator Dong Lu told TIME. “Italy is suffering from an economic downturn while Inter Milan, the giant in Serie A, is in urgent need of overseas capital. Chinese firms also want to expand their influence abroad.” In fact, Alibaba also owns a stake in China’s Guangzhou Evergrande football club

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AC Milan Italian football club

3AC Milan, in full Associazione Calcio Milan, also called Rossoneri (Italian: “Red and Blacks”), Italian professional football (soccer) club based in Milan. AC Milan is nicknamed the Rossoneri (“Red and Blacks”) because of the team’s distinctive red-and-black striped jerseys.

The winner of 18 Serie A (Italy’s top football division) league championships, the club is also one of the world’s most successful teams in international club competitions.

The Milan Football and Cricket Club was formed in December 1899 with an Englishman, Alfred Ormonde Edwards, as its first president. The club survived a split in 1908, with some players forming what would become AC Milan’s fiercest rival, Inter Milan. AC Milan played at five different stadiums before moving to the San Siro in 1926. That stadium, heavily redeveloped for the 1990 Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup tournament, now holds more than 80,000 spectators. Since 1946 AC Milan has shared the ground with Inter. The stadium was renamed the Giuseppe Meazza Stadium in 1980 in honour of the great Italian forward who played briefly for AC Milan but spent most of his career with Inter.

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Table Football Table – A must have for all the football enthusiasts

2Are you a real footzy fan? If yes, then there are a lot of exciting ways to stay connected to your football passion even when you are not on the ground! Get the addictive table football table for your place, and you will never find yourself idle again!

The origin of this amazing game took place in UK itself and this reason is more than enough to justify the profound inclination of the British towards this tremendous game. For those of you who are completely oblivious of what table football is, a precise description would suffice. It is basically a table-top game, also known as bar football or foosball, and is based on association football.

If the mere idea of playing football on a table gives you an adrenaline rush then you would be extremely glad to play the game in actual. In fact, for those of you who aspire to have exciting entertainment during the forthcoming holidays, foosball is the best option to go for!

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